Safe driving course, a corporate solution.

The  safe-driving course  is the ideal solution for a  corporate event because it combines the time  corporate, to an  experiential activities . With safe driving is the use of a set of cognitive and technical skills that allows to dominate, or at least to govern, the problems that occur in a vehicle.

The safe driving course will reveal  all the secrets to address properly the guidance of every day. Therefore encompasses all formative activity, theoretical and practical, providing training to the overcoming of critical grip and traffic situations, thus ensuring the driving safety of the own vehicle.

In collaboration with the Autodromo of Modena, Rossomodena carries on track courses to play contingencies common to drive a vehicle: oversteer and understeer, sudden braking and avoidance obstacles. 

The course objective is the improvement of the control ability in daily driving. A day at the driving safety course is divided into :

  • Part theoretical  where different topics are discussed as the driving position, the curve and the dynamic movements of the car.
  • Operation track and in the paddock where the instructors accompany the guests in exercise of the skid control .

All vehicles are equipped by mini skid that applied to the rear wheels, simulating emergency braking. 

On the track, it is also possible to develop the trajectory of the vehicle control, with specific exercises and deepening of driving techniques. The course is entirely customizable  in educational activities according to the specific needs and demands of the customer. Designed in detail to match a corporate time to a useful activity for everyday use. 


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