The incentive constitutes a true marketing tool.

Through persuasive communication activities, pushes the recipient to an improvement of its performance and the achievement of specific objectives by relying on precise psychological motivations and obtaining a benefit .

The subjects to which it is addressed the incentive marketing, are the employees and employees of a company, the trade, the sales force. Very often the incentive to be confused with the promotion, it is critical to understand that they are not the same thing.

The objective of promoting the sale is and enhancement of the product, for the second, the individual and its exploitation are placed at the center , through a series of stimuli acts to enhance the performance and improve the quality, through a process of motivation and subsequent gratification .

What are the basic steps to create an incentive marketing campaign?

First of all rely on a specialized agency , an expert in motivation strategies and incentive operations.
A structure that is able to plan and manage the entire campaign, must take into account:

  • The objectives of company ;
  • The strategy of motivation;
  • Defining the communication project , from being launched at the final follow-up;
  • Getting the prizes and the complete organization of any trip;
  • Appropriation of the budget;
  • Defining the campaign theme , a thread loud and clear thread that leaves a mark and identity decided to whole operation.

Once the campaign theme, we proceed to the definition of the  prizes that contribute, in good proportion to the success of event. They should be selected on the basis of observations and in-depth studies on the type of target and its environment.

The incentive marketing Rossomodena:

Rossomodena, specializes in the preparation of incentive marketing campaigns. Our agency was founded in the heart of the Motor Valley, the passion for our land brings us to create the incentives related to the world motorsport and traditional Emilian cuisine.