Leclerc called supporters to report: "All in Monza! I can not wait!". After the victory so much emotion and excitement among the team. Sunday, September 1st the Ferrari team celebrated a 'long-awaited victory" at Spa in Belgium, under the eyes excited the whole team and Cavallino' fans.

"Monza? I can not wait! I can only imagine what it can be to get there as a Ferrari driver who has just won a Grand Prix. " Leclerc is ready to live another great thrill weekend and called a cohort the people of the red. Indeed many special coincidences that are crossing around this period of his carraiera. Sunday, September 1 ° it's first victory in F1, "the dream come true, just one day after the death of his friend Hubert, a week after the race in the temple of speed Monza.

And Wednesday, in Piazza Duomo in Milan there will be a big celebration for the 90th anniversary of Maranello and the Italian Grand Prix organized by Ferrari and ACI.

"That the Belgian F1 is a victory that gives us no doubt so much energy and enthusiasm," said team principal Binotto. "After the summer break was very important for us to get back on track shiny and competitive. Congratulations to Charles, who scored his very first victory in F1. His weekend was extraordinary since Friday and this victory is well-deserved "

Monza horizon may hold another victory? The possibility and concrete but with some technical apprehension: the breaking of a Ferrari engine evolved made in Marenello on the Alfa Romeo of John and the stubborn Mercedes of Hamilton, that also in Belgium has proven to never give up.

What matters is that finally the Ferrari is back, breaking the fast that lasted from 2018, with the last victory of Raikkonen. In Monza it will encore?

Meanwhile, the enthusiasm for the triumph Leclerc, Cathedral Square will be dyed red. There will be a real dress code, dress code: Wednesday afternoon, in the square in Milan dressed in red to celebrate the Ferrari in F1 90 years but an opportunity to celebrate the new winner. It will be an afternoon of pride and memories with the high participation of passionate red and its history. Two realities that could not exist unless one o'clock along with the other!