The Grand Prix Formula 1 Sunday, July 27 has reshuffled the cards on the table: the quickest was the Dutch Red Bull before Ferrari Vettel Party underdog among the last places.

Formula 1, crazy race, already suggested by the weather. And crazy race was between rain intermittently, many safety car interruption of the race, repeatedly accidents and many tire changes. Among various twists was Max Verstappen to win and finish on the top spot of the podium, under the jubilation of the Dutch fans. The pilot did a great race, making up for a spin and down again on the run. This victory will remain in the memory of Formula 1.

Second place for Vettel, who started last. A real climb, with a step forward sudden he went to eat half of the large group. Unlike the other he has never missed a shot and, above all, took the opportunity at the end, when the safety car took him below the outsider group that has found itself in the fight for the podium. Podium that has seen even climb the Toro red Kvyat we did not rise for about 11 years.

"From the twentieth to the second, it was a long race, but I enjoyed it a lot. Very hard to interpret what could be the right move, but I'm really happy. " It's a Sebastian Vettel found a smile, the one that talks about the second place in his home GP, Hockenheim. After the recent poor performances and the terrible outcome of qualifying, which saw him removed and you will not do the time, Seb was stubborn and definitely took advantage of the many mistakes of those who preceded him.

Too bad for Charles Leclerc, who ended up in the barrier while in second. The Monaco has a little 'attacked the asphalt of the point on the track where he came out: "It was my fault but in a Formula 1 asphalt as that of the last two curves can not be there. My mistake was not serious, but I came to 60-70 per hour, there was no grip, it was like being on the ice. It is unfortunate, though not excuse me from error. I will learn".

The principal Mattia Binotto team forgave him immediately: "Today we still saw a united team. I must say that having seen the race is almost a bit 'of regret for Sebastian. He drove a great race, it is an injection of confidence for him. Fundamental to Vettel have done this second place in front of his audience. "