F1 Canada, is great controversy. At lap 48 Vettel mistake and back on track. For the commissioners hampered the arrival of Lewis, creating a potentially unsafe situation. From here the 5/2 penalty for Vettel that cost him the victory.

Another F1 closes with a bitter taste for Casa Ferrari. The Grand Prix of Canada ends with yet another victory of Hamilton, Vettel after the penalty that cost him the first step on the podium. The highlight on lap 48: the German, who was dominating, under the pilot pressure of the Mercedes, missed a curve, exit and re decisively.

For the commissioners, therefore, there are no doubts: Vettel is penalized for impeding the arrival of Hamilton that has been forced to slow down and widen the trajectory. The committee's decision was firm: after leaving the track, it is necessary not to hinder traffic behind, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Ed Hamilton, according to the commission, has been forced to lift the foot in order to avoid collisions, widening the trajectory.

So the Mercedes brings home his seventh consecutive victory, ahead of the two of Vettel and Red Leclerc, who won third place podium in any case of this hard-fought F1 race.

Bitter Victory, then, for Ferrari, with Vettel that, on arrival, runs away furious avoiding also the interviews after the race. So much controversy and so much anger for Seb that before you get on the podium, with a polemical gesture, think of reversing the boards indicating the arrivals in front of the parked cars.

"It 's really a shame" he commented Seb to Sky Sports: "Today we were not the fastest. But we crossed the finish line first, we had managed to keep him behind, struggling with her nails and teeth. I do not think I could have done something different. I was trying to keep the car on the track, they came out from the grass and the tires were dirty. I ended up on the grass and had to recover. Lewis was behind. At that moment it was difficult enough to maintain control. "

The Regulation has been implemented with all the trappings during the race F1 Canada by implementing a decision that will certainly continue to talk. However, the episode seems to have given new awareness at Ferrari: invigorated, the home of the Prancing Horse, however, has proven to be able to deserve the podium and certainly the expectation is that the next races will be among the most hotly contested.