The 2019 Grand Prix of Formula 1, opens with a successful Mercedes won the Australian Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas.

That in Melbourne is the fourth career victory and first  down under the Finnish driver, who did not rise to the top step of the podium by the Abu Dhabi GP of 2017. Bottas, who also designed the fastest lap, controlled the race since from the start, showing an enviable rhythm. He concluded his performance in front of his teammate, Lewis Hamilton , and  Max Verstappen, convincing with his RB13 Honda engine, which won its first podium in the era of the hybrid. Ferrari in the shade with Sebastian Vettel  and  Charles Leclerc off the podium: the German was fourth, ahead of Monaco.

What happened at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel, finished 4th in Melbourne, complains that the tire its modest performance in a Grand Prix which left him in doubt already after the first half, when the radio told the wall " I do not understand why I go so slow ." The Vettel analysis:

"It was a difficult weekend, I really struggled with the tires, but I saw that others had problems. It's not the result we wanted, but we brought a good haul of points at home: we could not do better and now we have to quickly figure out what happened in the next race, which is near. "

Vettel knows that his Ferrari is better than we showed in Melbourne. The companion, Charles Leclerc appeared more perky, admitting he obeyed the input of the team in the final, here's his analysis:

"I did quite a way through Verstappen and coming close to Vettel: I do not know if I've seen it or not, but I had to go on the grass and it was a shame because so I lost the position gained at the start of Max and I found myself 5th ... in the end I could attack Vettel, but the team decided to keep the positions they were: there was nothing to win more for the team and nothing more to lose if things had not gone well and so I understand…".

The explanation that Team Principal Mattia Binotto gives a result of the Leclerc performance:

"We decided as a team and bring home the points. Leclerc has worked well as a driver and as a man team. As for the race, of course we did not expect such an outcome is early to draw definitive conclusions, but it was a useful lesson for the future. Analyze well data to intervene as early as next Grand Prix, which will take on a very different track from this: what we have seen is that here we had set-up problems and tires, but we know that the potential of the car is much higher than we have seen in Australia. "