At Suzuka, after having taken a pole in a Sunday "practice and race", Vettel misses the start and gives the leading position to Bottas who eventually wins the race.

A disastrous Sunday for Ferrari because Mercedes also wins the Constructors' Title while Leclerc is relegated from sixth to seventh due to a double penalty following a contact with Verstappen.

After a first row of Ferraris strong conquered in the qualifications, the suicide start in the race arrives. A strange departure for Seb who leaves Bottas in the front row; Leclerc who, given the boldness of Verstappen already at the first laps, reaches the contact ruining the front wing and the left mirror which force him to stop and return to the back of the group.

Verstappen retire due to damages resulting from contact with Leclerc.

Bottas remains in the lead and towards the end even Hamilton, third, will change the tires in favor of cooler ones. But nothing to do, Seb keeps Hamilton behind until the end.

Final surprise for everyone: the last lap is canceled because, due to an error, the indication of the end of the race was shown on lap 52.

Final surprise for Leclerc: after a climbing comeback up to sixth place, the commissioners, who had suspended the judgment on the Verstappen - Leclerc incident until the end of the race, inflicted two penalties: a 10 second penalty so as not to be immediately stoped because the broken wing and another 5 seconds for the episode with the Red Bull. Leclerc thus close the race in seventh place.

What is certain is that Mercedes thanks and also won the Constructors World title.