The young Ferrari driver talks about himself in an interview with Tg1: "I have changed in character, now I get less angry". The anecdote of the taxi driver who after Monza ...

"I have already crowned three dreams: I am in Formula One, I am in Ferrari and I have won two Grand Prix races, one in Monza. Now I absolutely want to become world champion". In an interview with Tg1 Charles Leclerc, winner of the last two Grand Prix races with Ferrari (Spa and Monza), recounted his goals and unveiled a curtain on the day of the last race: "After leaving the circuit I entered a taxi, the taxi driver didn't see me, he asked me if I had gone to see the Grand Prix.

I replied yes, which was very nice. And he `the young man is really strong´. "I'm glad he says this," I replied. At the end of the trip I told him who I was. It was fun. "

Mental strength - "I was never cold by nature", said the young Monegasque, "in fact I was the opposite: I was demoralized and I got too angry even if I came second". "I worked a lot on this aspect - the pilot continues - and now I am much stronger mentally".

Hymn of Mameli - Finally, Leclerc recounted another detail that could be useful in case of new successes: "In the car returns from Maranello I listened to the Italian anthem to learn it in case the first victory had arrived. In Spa, for the emotion, I couldn't find the words, but in Monza I did it! "