The story of Alfonsina Strada.

On the occasion of Women's Day, we at Rossomodena we want to remember one in particular, full of cycling talent: Alfonsina Strada. Alfonsina Morini, was born into a family of farmers working in the Emilian countryside. The first bike went into the house in 1901 by his father Carlo Morini, and that is where Alfonsina learned to ride discovering a real passion. At the age of 14, the young man had already found a way to participate in different competitions knowledge of the parents, to whom he lied saying to go to Sunday mass.

In countries where sped on his bike he is nicknamed " the devil in a skirt ". Opposed by the family to his passion, at 24 she married Luigi Strada that, contrary to the family, encouraged her giving her the wedding day, a new bicycle race. The next year they moved to Milan, where Alfonsina Strada starts training seriously.

In 1924 participates in the Tour of Italy, was the first woman ever.

Part and meet regularly four stages:

  1. The Milan-Genoa coming up with an hour of separation from the first, but ahead of many rivals;
  2. the Genoa-Florence where it ranks fiftith place out of 65 competitors;
  3. the Florence-Rome arriving with only three quarters of an hour late on the first and in front of a large group of competitors;
  4. The Rome-Naples which confirms its strength.

In the stage L ' Aquila-Perugia , however, Alfonsina arrives out of time. The  judges are divided into two factions: those who want to drive it out and who is in favor of continuing it. The director of the journal, Emilio Colombo, who had allowed the participation of Alfonsina the Giro and he understood that arouse curiosity in the audience the first Italian cyclist in history offers a compromise: to Alfonsina will be allowed to continue the race, but is no longer considered race.

She agrees and continues its tour. 

As each new stage is greeted by a crowd that acclaims, celebrates it, supports it with warmth and participation. Alfonsina continues to follow up the Giro in Milan, observing the same hours and the same regulations for riders 12 stages for a total of 3618 km. Of the 90 parties runners only 30 arrived in Milan,  Alfonsina is among them.

Although she was refused entry to around the following years, also he participates Alfonsina for long stretches. By now he was known after its debut, with his tenacity managed to win the friendship and the respect and the admiration of many journalists, riders and cycling fans who continue to follow his exploits with curiosity, respect and enthusiasm. Participated in numerous other competitions until in 1938, at Longchamp, won the women's record time  of 35.28 km . 

Widowed Luigi Strada, Alfonsina remarries in Milan with a former cyclist, Carlo Messori. With his help, he continues in his sport until he decides to abandon the 'competitive spirit. His passion for cycling, however, does not fail, it opens in Milan a bicycle shop with a small workshop for repairs. Left a widow again in 1957, he sends it alone shop. Every day, to go to work, Alfonsina uses his old racing bike wearing a generous skirt pants. He died on 13 September 1959 at the age of 68, due to an accident with his motorcycle.