Tour of Italy 2019, off the racing number 102!

The Tour of Italy 2019 will depart from the capital of Emilia 's May 11 and will close in Veneto on June 2 , one of the most difficult routes in recent years. E 'was finally unveiled the route of the Tour of Italy cycling 2019, under the eyes of the legendary Chris Froome. Also present were the Italian champions Viviani and Moscon, following all the staff at Federciclismo, Vice President Di Rocco and the Director General Amina Lanaya.

The next 2019 Cycling Tour of Italy will have a totally Italian identity , a premium to the made in Italy and Italian cycling event more followed. The tour will unfold in three time trial, six stages suited to the sprinters, seven medium difficulty and five highly complex. They will be seven uphill finishes including two stopwatch Bologna and San Marino.

Departure from the capital of Emilia Romagana and closing in Verona Arena with a final parade, both individual time trial stages. The race Rosa of the Giro in 2019 will remember the characters and places that have shaped the past and recent history of Italy, not only sports . A tribute to the genius of Leonardo Avinci, Rossini with a stop in Pesaro, Coppi on the centenary of the birth with the arrival in Novi Ligure.

The first week of the Tour of Italy in 2019 will star Emilia Romagna with the great from Bologna, from the center to San Luca. Then follow the Tuscan stages, from the Apennines to the Maremma. This will take in England, from Frascati in Terracina, from Cassino to San Giovanni Rotondo in the Gargano National Park. Then out from the Adriatic Sea, arriving in L'Aquila, 10 years after the earthquake, significant landmark and memorial. Then they cross the Marches, from Riccione to San Marino.

The second week starts with a stage flat competamente through the Po Valley: from Ravenna in Modena, Carpi and then landing in Novi Ligure. It then enters the province of Turin, with the mountain stages: Susa Valley, climb the Pian del Lupo, followed by Saint Vincent in Courmayeur. Then from Ivrea in Como the longest stage of the Tour of Italy 2019con the final classic of the last Lombardy.

The third week begins with the fireworks, the stage that will lead the group from Lovere in Ponte di Legno. Alpine stages to follow last mountain stage which involves a descent from Cortina d'Ampezzo, Blyth, Vittorio Veneto and the final sprint towards Treviso. After other stages Dolomite the beautiful ending to Verona,  where the arena will be crowned the winner of the Tour of Italy in 2019.