Cycling: the Tour of Italy for your brand communication

To increase the value of your company, you need a strategy brand communication articulated in detail, making it possible to increase the value perceived by the consumer of the product. 

The Tour of Italy cycling is fundamental event to promote their brand as it allows direct contact with the consumer, we are talking about 1.700,000 television viewers per day and 171 maintained in connecting countries, surely an advertising showcase for companies with a resonance without equal.

Rossomodena care of all the organizational stages of the Tour of Italy, from the study of the graphic to the selection of personnel and study of promotional activities on the territory, a process that culminates in a vision without equal. We are team partners in the Italy's Tour and we have several solutions  targeted to support the company's business throughout the duration of the event:

  • sale of advertising space on the path around with media visibility
  • Advertising space on the uniforms and means of our partner teams
  • branded media in the publicity caravan
  • custom stand in the advertising Village by product exhibitions, demonstrations.
  • promotional activities in strategic locations reached by bicycle race
  • hostess for the distribution of promotional material