Your ad campaign for success in the Vuelta of Spain.

If your brand is expanding into the Spanish market they held elections or desires, you can organize an advertising campaign in the Vuelta a España !

The Vuelta is one of three major Tours men's road cycling that takes place every year between the months of August and September for a period of three weeks, a similar sporting event to our Tour of Italy.

This event has a very large media area, just think first of all to ' audience average television of 4,200,000 users, or to 800,000 social media fans. These staggering numbers allow an important visibility to the brand and therefore need an advertising campaign targeted and designed especially according to the needs of each company. Participating in the Vuelta of Spain is certainly the ideal investment to ensure effective advertising their brands.

Rossomodena has several solutions for the construction of an advertising campaign ad hoc, including:

  • Advertising space on the whole route of the tour that guarantee media attention
  • Vehicles in branded advertising caravan
  • Pass hospitality village of start and finish of the stage
  • Promotional activities in strategic locations reached by bicycle race 

The Vuelta can bring to your company a pub window blicitaria  with a resonance like no other!


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