Corporate Team Building

The term corporate team building, we indicate specific methodologies aimed at the development of team working.

It 'a method of task-oriented which has the purpose of proving the group's ability to work in teams and to improve the results achieved.

The objectives of the experience of team building are many, including: 

  • Create relationship and then increase collaboration between people
  • Increasing the level of trust in fellow
  • Motivating the working group
  • Create cohesion and integration
  • To facilitate communication and stimulate creativity.

All of these activities are reflected in the workplace as it can bring out the leadership and similarly educate the delegation and working to targets.

Used successfully in the United States , it is often practiced by companies to achieve better cohesion and greater collaboration among its employees. In fact, the model in team building strategies is experiential that aims to turn the classic patterns of teaching and learning.

Rossomodena has several team building activities: 

♦  Team building Ferrari Experience

In the heart of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello we accompany our guests into compelling challenges based on speed and teamwork. In fact, with the activity of Pit Stop experince corporate group will retrace the steps of changing tires Ferrari on an authentic original car. Thanks to the F1 experience guests can experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari racing, competing with the speed.

♦ Cooking Team Building

Rossomodena proposes a business cooking team building where the participants are involved in the preparation of recipes and dishes.
The kitchen is an ideal environment to stimulate creativity, the communication, the cooperation, the management of time and resources of a working group. Especially, after the event, it is the collaboration and team activities to reward the work of the individual over the gratification of being able to taste the fruit of their work. As a result of a constructive activity, it is an excellent alternative to the simple business dinner.